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Primary Care & Functional Medicine

Primary Care & Functional Medicine by Turnpaugh Health

This compassionate team delivers professional, quality care that utilizes Functional Medicine, a model that looks to the underlying causes of disease and illness. Our services include...

Provides traditional family medicine with the option of incorporating principles of whole-body wellness

Addresses root cause of chronic health conditions using specialty labs, lifestyle changes, and natural means to improve health

Addresses a variety of ailments including muscle aches, injuries, and headaches

Involves nutritional IVs using vitamins and other natural boosters for immune support, wellness and recovery

Involves the manipulation of muscles, soft tissues, and joints to promote relaxation, ease stress, and relieve tension

Delivers gentle, hands-on approach that focuses on the cranial bones, spine, and sacrum

Utilizes in-house specialty diagnostic testing as well as same day basic lab work, Flu/Strep/RSV, urine, and pregnancy testing

Utilizes the “food as medicine” ideology to personalize and support health

Provides exposure to high concentrations of oxygen for healing tissues and many other ailments

Uses ionic charges to help eliminate heavy metals and neutralize harmful toxins

Provides red light and near-infrared therapy to reduce inflammation and improve skin health, brain health and overall wellbeing

Uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Field to recharge unhealthy cells and increase wound healing and pain reduction

Walk-In Clinic

Receive prompt, high-quality treatment for acute, non-life threatening conditions and injuries.

OPEN M-F, 8AM – 5PM.

Primary Care & functional Medicine

By Turnpaugh Health

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